Hi, I'm Thomas, a freelance full-stack software engineer based out of Leuven, Belgium. I prefer working together with others to tackle a common goal. My aim is to contribute to solutions which deliver value for the end-user. Naturally, I thrive in climates that involve me both in the short and long term vision. I enjoy coaching team members, taking time, care and patience to ensure that knowledge is spread throughout the team.

A creative thinker at the core, I believe time is best spent on those parts of the problem which are unique to the task at hand, while leveraging tried and tested solutions. New developments in technology intrigue me and I actively keep up with the ever evolving landscape.

I can rely on a decade of experience in the field and, as a result, a broad set of skills. Whether it is development of a web based SPA (Vue, Angular, React, ...), traditional web server (Node.js, Express, NestJS, ...) or cloud based architecture (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, ...), I am confident I will bring the required tools and knowledge to the table!